Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner – Fast Cleaning, Automatic Brush Washer Tool


Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner – Fast Cleaning, Rechargeable, Automatic Brush Washer Tool, New Model
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Multiple Function Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner – Practical and Efficient
Product Parameters
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Product Name: A-H/A, H/C-H/C Makeup Brush Cleaner
Raw Materials for the Case: High-Quality ABS
Power Supply Modes:
Plug-In Version: Power Adapter 100-240V 50-60Hz

Rechargeable Version: Built-in High Capacity 7.4V Battery

Input Voltage: DC 12V-24W

Product Size: 20 x 20 x 21 cm
Packing Size: 21 x 21 x 23 cm

Packing List:
Host x 1
Manual x 1
Adapter x 1
Makeup Brush Cleaning Rack x 1
Key Features:
Efficient Cleaning: Fast and effective removal of makeup, oil, and dirt from your brushes.
Multiple Functions: Combines UV sterilization, sonic vibration deep cleaning, and simultaneous multiple brush cleaning.
User-Friendly Design: Simple interface and easy-to-use controls for a hassle-free experience.
High-Quality Materials: Durable ABS construction ensures long-lasting performance.
Versatile Power Options: Available in both plug-in and rechargeable versions for convenience at home or on the go.
Compact and Portable: Lightweight design makes it easy to store and transport, ideal for travel and work use.

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 23 cm

A-H+Turbine cleaning+PLUG-IN TYPE, A2-H+Turbine cleaning+ozone sterilization+PLUG-IN TYPE, B-H+Turbine cleaning+PLUG-IN TYPE, B2-H+Turbine cleaning+ozone sterilization+PLUG-IN TYPE, C-H+Turbine cleaning+PLUG-IN, C2-H+Turbine cleaning+ozone sterilization+PLUG-IN


  1. Anthony J. Verified Buyer

    Love the blue better that black & brown

  2. Kathleen H. Verified Buyer

    doesn’t clump!!❤️�

  3. Dale H. Verified Buyer

    it lasts more than one day if you don’t shower.

  4. Kimberly L. Verified Buyer

    Love this product! I feel like it’s pricey but have to have it.

  5. Kevin L. Verified Buyer

    Love it! Will need waterproof for summer swimming

  6. Sydney R. Verified Buyer

    Love this product

  7. Ryan O. Verified Buyer

    tho they work well individually.

  8. Jessica K. Verified Buyer

    I was a die-hard Lancome fan for over 20 years and was reluctant to try your product. However

  9. Alex V. Verified Buyer

    As advertised. Will definitely buy again.

  10. Haley F. Verified Buyer

    but non are as good!

  11. Caitlyn H. Verified Buyer

    it’s volumizing

  12. Noah E. Verified Buyer

    that didn’t happen to me.

  13. Lindsay S. Verified Buyer

    Great product and very quickly shipped!

  14. Sabrina C. Verified Buyer

    just fantastic.

  15. Mallory B. Verified Buyer

    the wand is great

  16. David W. Verified Buyer

    no flaking

  17. Rachel B. Verified Buyer

    Love it

  18. David T. Verified Buyer

    I thought the purple color would be more vibrant. It was disappointing.

  19. Paula A. Verified Buyer

    So far I love it!!!

  20. Jonathan C. Verified Buyer

    It’s just ok. There are better out there

  21. Jonathan B. Verified Buyer

    Flakes off after a few hours

  22. Sean P. Verified Buyer


  23. Cindy H. Verified Buyer

    3) The wand is wonderful

  24. Jeffrey A. Verified Buyer

    Love love it

  25. Thomas J. Verified Buyer

    This product came highly recommended so I was very excited when it arrived. Unfortunately

  26. Adam W. Verified Buyer

    -easy to take off

  27. Paige W. Verified Buyer

    It’s my favorite!!

  28. Jordan C. Verified Buyer

    So much fun but, I lost it

  29. Thomas B. Verified Buyer

    Excellent Product!

  30. Jonathan T. Verified Buyer


  31. Brian R. Verified Buyer

    It works like magic!”

  32. Jonathan C. Verified Buyer

    Love. It’s the best, been using it for years.

  33. William G. Verified Buyer

    It’s clumpy and hard to remove

  34. Mary Y. Verified Buyer

    Always the best in every category for this beauty”

  35. Patrick F. Verified Buyer

    Im in love.

  36. Joshua P. Verified Buyer


  37. Robin S. Verified Buyer

    “I was not impressed. Did nothing.

  38. Daniel N. Verified Buyer

    adds fullness and length

  39. Jillian S. Verified Buyer

    Love! Been a Maybelline girl from many many years

  40. Danny R. Verified Buyer

    I find it clumpy and flaky

  41. Charles Y. Verified Buyer

    LOVE love Love the green color. doesn’t smudge and super easy removal.

  42. Tracy W. Verified Buyer

    Loved this!! It lives up to the hype

  43. Gabriel G. Verified Buyer


  44. Jeffery W. Verified Buyer

    lengthens and thickens

  45. Matthew R. Verified Buyer

    Great product �”

  46. Courtney N. Verified Buyer

    or one that didn’t flake off

  47. Kenneth A. Verified Buyer

    Did not arrive

  48. Debra B. Verified Buyer

    no smudging and easy to remove.

  49. Melvin D. Verified Buyer

    I love it

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